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Bridge School Malvern is a small independent school offering a creative and flexible curriculum in a nurturing environment.

We provide

  • A safe and stimulating environment.

  • An alternative approach to learning through practical skills and activities.

  • A warm and nurturing environment with a strong emphasis on pastoral care

  • High staff to student ratios

  • Qualifications in Land-based studies (Animal care and Horticulture), Construction, Maths, English, Art and Creative Techniques, Hospitality, Skills for Working Life and Employability (see below)

  • Training in skills for working life, independence and employability

  • Support to develop personal, social and emotional skills

  • Support to develop self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Preparation for future schools, colleges or employment

  • Work experience opportunities in years 10 and above

  • Close working partnerships with parents, carers and other professionals

  • Termly progress reports.

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We specialise in working with children who

  • Have missed a significant period of schooling

  • Find mainstream school difficult to cope in

  • Need additional support with their English and Maths

  • Struggle with low confidence and self-esteem

  • May find the transition to further education the most difficult

  • Need to develop independent living skills and prepare for work

  • Enjoy a more hands on and supportive approach to learning

  • All pupils at the Bridge will have an Education and Health and Care plan (EHCP).  They will have a range of learning challenges which may include Moderate Learning Difficulties and Autism.​​

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