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Who we are

At the Bridge, we recognise that mainstream school is not for everyone.  We like to present learning differently. 


At the Bridge, we call our teachers ‘coaches’, because we work alongside you and we learn together.  Liking yourself, recognising your unique gifts and being proud of what you do, are all as important as getting qualifications. 

Qualifications are helpful though, and we think ours are particularly helpful.  That’s because they focus on the practical and personal skills that will help you get and keep a job.

Our one basic rule is: Respect yourself, others, and the school.  All other rules stem from that one.  

What does our school day look like?

  • Our school day is from 9 am to 2 pm.  

  • We have a short time together in the morning, which we call Good Morning Bridge (GMB)

  • We have four lessons a day which will be a mix of practical, classroom and outdoor activities.  

  • There is a morning break of 20 minutes, and a lunch break of 40 minutes.

  • We don't have a staff room and so children and staff are together all the time.

  • We do not have a school uniform, but dress needs to be appropriate for the school day.

  • We have lovely staff who work hard to help children feel, and keep safe, all day.

  • There are several school dogs, who love lots of attention.

Working in Partnership

We work with all sorts of professional bodies to support the work we do. Examples are: 

  • City and Guilds

  • Doctors and psychiatrists

  • Family support workers

  • Local employers (work experience placements)

  • NHS Immunisation and School nurse team

  • NHS Sexual Health Team

  • NHS Speech & Language Team

  • Police

  • Social workers

  • Specialist therapists

  • Special Educational Needs Department

  • Counsellors

  • St Andrews Church


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