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Our Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

Bridge School Malvern exists for the benefit of children and young people who need alternative approach to learning, or who may need help preparing for transitional life stages from secondary education to employment or further education and training.  Our aim is to meet young people’s learning and emotional needs, and to support them in improving their employment and life chances.  The development of positive attitudes to learning and aspirational life goals are central to the support we provide.

The Bridge offers a broad and balanced curriculum based largely on practical vocational skills; transferable employment skills, independent living skills and personal and social development. Students can anticipate leaving with a range of entry level and level 1 qualifications; and to be supported into college and work.

The Bridge aims to work constructively with parents, carers and professionals to support the emotional welfare, personal development, progress and attainment of students.

Every student has unique life experiences, personality and strengths which need to be encouraged and built upon.

Our core values include ensuring that all pupils and students...

  • feel physically and emotionally safe

  • feel personally valued and respected

  • are given individual help and support appropriate to their needs

  • have the opportunity to learn new skills and to achieve recognition for skills learned

  • are encouraged and supported to co-operate as part of a team

  • are encouraged to recognise their personal contribution and value and to understand and work through issues they find difficult or challenging

  • have unique life experiences, personality, strengths which need to be encouraged and built upon. 

These core values also apply to staff and volunteers, who are entitled to experience each of these for themselves.

Christianity underpins our ethos. We promote the development of Christian values and citizenship skills, and seek to develop a moral and spiritual awareness. We currently partner with the local Anglican Church of St Andrew’s Poolbrook, Malvern.

Statement of Belief

The founders of Bridge School Malvern set the school up as a response to their Christian faith and values. These Christian values are important to us.  They are the motivation for valuing every child and adult, inspiring us to strive our hardest for the best outcomes for each individual.  These values underpin all we do at the school and provide an environment and culture where young people can grow in confidence and happiness.


We believe that all young people are unique and of value.  We want to help them to recognise their gifts and talents and help support them to develop the character and skills which will enable them to develop their unique role in the world. We want our pupils to embrace the future with hope, faith, confidence and compassion.


We want young people to have the opportunity to be able to find out about Christianity within the context of finding out about other faiths and no faith beliefs; and to be free to explore their own position on these.


Board of Governors

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