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The Bridge is a small independent school offering a creative and flexible curriculum in a nurturing environment.

Qualifications and courses we offer


We are an awarding centre for City and Guilds.  City & Guilds has a history of developing practical and vocational education for the employment market. Their training programmes are developed in response to the needs of businesses to develop well-trained young people ready for employment.

As well as developing a range of practical and employability skills, children will also benefit from a variety of creative and practical approaches to maths and English.  Pupils will gain qualifications from entry Level to Level 2 (GCSE equivalent to grade 4-7 (previously an A-C pass).

Pupils can expect to transition from the Bridge, into further education or employment with City and Guilds qualifications in functional skills maths and English, skills for working life, and two vocational qualifications (at entry 3 or leve 1).  Our vocational areas are animal care, art, catering, construction and horticulture.  City and Guilds education programmes develop important soft and transferable skills that employers value.  This means that pupils can use them to progress into a wide range of career options.

In year 11, pupils will meet weekly with our careers advisor who will support them in exploring their furture opportunities and help them to apply for college places and apprenticeships, and to attend open days.

Alongside the formal City and Guilds qualifications, pupils will develop a wide range of social and personal development skills.

Ofsted (2019)

"The school provides very successfully for pupils' academic, emotional, personal and social needs.  Because of this, pupils who have found school difficult in the past thrive at the Bridge."

Vocational courses and qualifications

Students at the Bridge are able to take part in a variety of


City and Guilds qualifications can be gained in

  •   Land-based Studies (animal care)

  •   Practical Horticulture Skills

  •   Employability Skills

  •   Construction (units in brick-laying, site maintenance, carpentry)

  •   Hospitality 

  •   Food Safety and Hygiene

  •   Art and Creative Techniques

  •   Skills for Working Life 


JR 3_edited.jpg

Teaching that builds pupil's confidence, communication and self-esteem

Pupils are supported to develop their personal and social skills.  The curriculum includes a range of programmes such as

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness

  • Basic Science Activities

  • Bullying

  • Careers

  • Citizenship

  • Communication Skills

  • Current Affairs

  • Drama

  • Employability Skills

  • Environmental Studies

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Indoor and outdoor games

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Mentoring

  • Mindfulness Coaching

  • Mindset

  • Music

  • On-line Safety

  • People and Places (history and geography)

  • Physical Education

  • Pottery

  • Sex and Relationship Education

  • Social Studies

  • Speech and language support

  • Stress & Anger Management

  • TalkAbout

  • Team Work

  • The 'Big A' (learning about Autism)

  • Understanding Anxiety


Art and Craft

We have a designated art and craft room for the students to enjoy a range of creative experiences. 

We have our own pottery wheel and kiln.

Catering 02a_edited_edited.jpg


Pupils learn catering and hospitality skills in a large communal catering kitchen and dining area. They cook and serve lunch to the other pupils, staff and volunteers on a daily basis. This gives them the opportunity to learn about the benefits of healthy eating and enjoy cooking and eating new foods.

Independent Living Skills

We have an independent living skills room for students to learn domestic cooking, ironing, washing, personal budgeting etc. Travel training can also be provided for older students.

Sports 03.jpg

Personal, emotional and social development

Personal, emotional and social skill development is given a high priority at the Bridge.  Staff work with pupils to build on their personal, emotional and social skills through individual or small group work in the following areas:-

  • PE and games

  • Mentoring

  • Mindfulness training

  • Social skills development

  • Stress and anger management

  • Drama

  • Emotional literacy and resilience

Similarly, pupils' social, moral, cultural and social awareness is  built upon through 

  • National awareness days

  • Faith days

  • British values and citizenship

  • Practicing democracy

  • Personal, social and health education

  • Cultural diversity and equal opportunity training

  • Engaging with national events

Catering 04b.jpg

Physical Activities


PE and outdoor activities are part of the timetable.  This may include outdoor games, local walks, our on-site obstacle course and visits to stables for horse riding. Pupils learn about the benefits of healthy lifestyles. We are fortunate to have a five acre site and easy access to the countryside so pupils benefit from the fresh air and our beautiful surroundings.

Pupils can also access off-site gym membership as part of their curriculum.







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