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Here are some of the comments we've had back from all kinds of sources over the years. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

Ofsted 2019: 'Pupils are at the heart of everything this school does'.

Headteacher:  'We are always pleased when our leavers drop in 2,3 or 4 years after leaving to let us know of their successes in the work place or with further qualifications. Sometimes they drop in for a chat and it has been lovely to hear about family and friends or their own children.'

Case study: Louis

'The Bridge is just an excellent environment to be in. Everybody is so friendly, caring and helpful. I have learnt that messing around in school/college is just not worth it, and that if you want to be successful in life you have to work for it and put all your time into making yourself the person you want to be.
The Bridge was one of the only places I have been that I could finally learn a lot of things and feel comfortable where I am.
I would recommend to anyone that the Bridge is by far the best school I have been too, I am now self-employed in the I.T business and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for everyone there'.  


John Roe (Employee)

'All the staff are completely committed to providing the best level of support for children, no matter what their challenges are.  Staff are supported daily to develop their understanding of a wide array of learning difficulties.  It is a committed and dynamic team and it is a privilege to be part of it.  I haven't seen this level of care anywhere else I have worked.

Feedback from Worcester Wolves (Basketball) Coach - October 2022:  'Each one of your students has been great to work with and I have felt privileged to get the opportunity to work with them. Their attitudes and behaviours during the sessions are a testament to you and all the support you have given them.'

SEN professional

'Your pupils are the most engaged and well-behaved that they have ever come across in an SEN school.'

Parents feedback of new pupils-

'H said he wanted the weekend to go faster so he could go back to school on Monday. He has never said anything like this before! So I just want to acknowledge that whatever to are doing is working, and thank you.'

'We are immensely proud about how well he's handled, such a big change.  My husband tells me B is so chatty when he comes home from school, and we've not had this in such a long time.  It's a little emotional for us!  We hope he'll continue to progress with you and once again, many thanks for caring about our boy.


I'm still getting used to the fact he no longer cowers in the corner begging me not to send him to school in the mornings!  He's up, dressed, and waiting for the taxi every morning without hassle.'

'This is such a positive report for M and makes me so happy he's achieving and enjoying school now with the right help and support.  I thank you all so much.  M did mention cooking his cake yesterday and I got all excited and then he said he didn't bring it home as it was for school - I was so disappointed haha.  I'm so proud of him.  He really does try hard and seems so much happier and content.'

Parent View with Ofsted.

Parent/carers can provide anonymous feedback to Ofsted about the Bridge School Malvern (URN 142833).  Please go to the Ofsted website to complete their questionnaire. Alternatively ask at reception for  the parent view leaflet guide.  Thank you for taking the time as parents and carers to provide us with this feedback.

Results from Ofsted parent view questionnaire



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