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Sixth Form -Bridge Business Centre

We offer a small group of students the opportunity to carry out their 6th form experience as trainees in a real work environment. The Bridge Business Centre has three businesses based on our new site in Barnard's Green, Malvern, where trainees can develop relevant understanding, skills and experience. This will give them the head-start they need in preparing for working life.

In the first year trainees will work in their chosen business area. Their business tutor will take them through City and Guilds Employability Skills units, such as Health and Safety in the Workplace. Functional Skills tutors offer one-to-one support sessions.

We have full-time Careers Development Coordinators who provide support with career planning and exploration, and help prepare and support trainees for their work experience  tasters.


In the first year trainees will visit a range of work places to broaden their knowledge as to the employment options available. In the second year there is a greater emphasis on job searching, interview skills training and longer work placements.

Staff provide pastoral support to trainees and an ongoing focus on social and independent living skills. We value a close partnership with parents/carers and provide regular feedback and written progress reports. All trainees are offered free membership to the Malvern Splash Leisure Centre.

The three employment streams that we operate are Manufacturing,

Catering and Retail.


Projects include working on an ‘assembly line’ to build a scale model car from start to completion. These cars have working steering, electric motors, brakes and lights.

Trainees will learn a wide range of practical skills including following plans, carpentry, basic mechanics/electronics and paint finishes. They will also experience the business aspects from resourcing and costing materials to sales and profit.

Trainees will have work placements in an area of their interest which could lead to a career in a wide range of manufacturing, product

assembly work, practical or creative roles.



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Trainees will work in our catering kitchen producing a range of meals that are made to order for customers across Malvern. They will also make a variety of food products to sell at markets.

Working in a catering kitchen they will learn food hygiene, customer service, order processing and budgeting.

Trainees will  visit cafes, restaurants and hotels, alongside their work placements, to further broaden their experience.


Business & Retail


Trainees will work in various online retail businesses. They will learn skills such as processing, packaging and despatching orders, as well as understanding business processes of marketing, sales and profit. They will also visit various businesses to compare different markets and displays.

Trainees, with support, will undertake work placements in a variety of outlets. They will learn important skills such as customer care, using a till and merchandising as well as administration

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